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When I started my very first Beachbody workout program (Power 90) in 2003, one thing I struggled with was eating right. Honing in on what foods worked for me and against me was a challenge. Even in my first round of P90X, I struggled. It wasn’t until round 2 that I started focusing in on eating right. Food does matter. Especially when you are wanting to get lean and ripped.

When Shakeology was released in March of 2008, I was one of the first to use the product. It has been a godsend for me. I am not the biggest fan of vegetables and if I can have a meal replacement that like a chocolate or berry flavored delight, then I’m all in! Shakeology was the first supplement I ever had where I just felt better, had more energy and felt alive!

The thing that impressed me most were the results my parents got after they started with one shake a day. My father finally got his blood sugar levels into the normal range as he has Type II Diabetes. He also lost 27 pounds!

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and also has an issue with swallowing pills. When she showed her oncologist the ingredients in Shakeology, her doctor took her off of 8 supplements and told her that the shake has what she needed in there, so it wasn’t necessary to swallow horse pills. She even lost 14 pounds by combining it with Turbo Jam at the age of 67!

My wife tells me that Shakeology fills that sweet tooth craving of hers, and I agree, it does! She also loves doing a cleanse on occasion using Shakeology to get her back on track.

I know we are just a few success stories here in the family, but we have many other Shakeology success stories coming to us from the people that we coach, all because we tried something, realized the value in it, and recommended it to the people we care about.

You might be sitting there thinking, “will it work for me?” or “what if I don’t like it?” So, I want to help you out. I will send you a FREE Shakeology sample, but only on 3 conditions!

You have to be someone that I coach

You have to be truly serious about purchasing it if you like the taste

You have to watch the video that’s below.

It cost us about $6.00 to send out 1 sample, so that’s why it’s important for you to be truly serious. If you’re looking to just try it out and have no plans on purchasing, please don’t request one.

If I’m not your coach and you’d like to make me your coach, click below!

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Shakeology is one of those “must have” life-changing products for me. That’s why I am sharing this with you. I highly recommend you start adding into your daily eating plan!

If you’re interested in getting a sample and meet the 3 requirements above, then: email me at with your address. I’ll get it out to you, ASAP.

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Award Winning Shakeology Recipes!

Creating an award winning Shakeology recipe is never easy. It takes experimentation, focus, creativity and lots of sampling! This year we nailed it. Strawberry Cheesecake Shakeology was the winner in the Greenberry category for best recipe in the Shakeology Shake Off contest at Coach Summit 2011. My mother, Sharon Tinsley, entered this fabulous recipe and accepted a huge award that included a basket of 2 bags of Shakeology, 10 sample packs, a Shakeology towel and a mini blender.

A video of Mom’s award acceptance is below. She was blown away to say the lest and we were so proud!

The winner of the Chocolate category was created by Suzy Fauria, entitled, “Crocked Coconut Macaroon.” This one had just about everything “coconut” in it. Get the recipe here on

Other recipes entered into the Shake Off contest were:

  • Banana Bread by David Schmidt
  • Exotic Chai Chiller by Jeannie Young
  • Nutz About Raisins by Hamilton Pham
  • Glazed Carrot Cake by Jennifer Beck
  • The Hippie Hippie Shake by Hope Fato
  • Grandma’s Peach Cobbler by Perry Tinsley
  • Ambrosia Paraiso by Arlene Paraiso (Arlene won the Shake Off contest last year with Mangonana)
  • Ocha-logy by Ai Muir


Looking to try Shakeology? You can get it at the link below.

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Shakeology is an ultra-premium nutritional shake. To create it, Beachbody searched the world for the most potent ingredients your body can easily absorb and utilize. This perfect combination of enzymes, prebiotics, antioxidants, and many rare ingredients—like adaptogens, Camu-Camu, and sacha inchi— give you the essential nutrients you can’t get from an average diet. Even eating the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables every day won’t give you this much nutrition.

No other shake, meal, or vitamin can make a claim this substantial.

Shakeology may help you:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Feel Energized
  3. Improve Digestion and Regularity
  4. Lower Cholesterol (results may vary)

Tastes delicious, too!

Amaranth, one of Shakeology’s Ingredients

Amaranth Plant

Amaranth is one of the 70 healthy ingredients in Shakeology. So, what make it so healthy?

Amaranth a great source of vitamins and amino acids, but it’s also high in protein, fiber and helps to boost your immune system. It’s one of those “supergrains” that is extremely high in protein. According to Wikipedia, amaranth seeds are similar to quinoa in that they contain lysine, the amino acid lacking in most other grains that is responsible for adding protein.

Another thing to note is that it contains three times more fiber (and five times more iron) than wheat! It also has more protein than milk. Other benefits include high levels of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, and phosphorous.

This is a very versatile grain that can be used in a variety of different dishes. It is regularly made into flour and used to create breads, pastas or other baked goods (found primarily in health food stores like Whole FoodsCo-ops, etc). Amaranth does not contain gluten! This makes it a nice option for people with celiac disease or gluten allergies.

Now, if you are looking to get this supergrain by itself, you’ll have to visit a health food store. Mostly you’ll find it in the form of hot and cold cereals, ready-made bread and mixes for baked goods like cakes and muffins. It has a nutty, “earthy” flavor that complements cold and hot foods nicely.

Another way to benefit from Amaranth, of course, is through Shakeology. This supergrain teams up with many other superfoods to give you an abundance of benefits! It’s one of those grains that has been cultivated for over 8,000 years and was a staple food of the Aztecs. If they only had blenders back then!

* If you don’t have Shakeology, you can get it at the link below.

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Pike Place Fish Market uses Shakeology and P90X to Bring It and Fling It!

Pike Place Fish Market does P90X

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … SPLAT!
Woah. I think that was a salmon fillet that just went sailing through the wall at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington. Obviously, the amazing, uplifting employees of this world famous attraction are seeing results from Shakeology and P90X!

In April of 2011, we had the fortunate opportunity to visit the well-known Pike Place Market. The first vendor we happened upon was the Pike Place Fish Market. This place always has many people watching in awe and laughter as the workers entertain the crowd with chants and throwing of fish that customers have purchased, before they are wrapped.

Well, we easily struck up great conversation with one of the “fishmongers” named, Sam, who instantly recognized the P90X logo on my hat. He wanted to know if P90X actually worked and got results! What could we do, but go over and share the experience!Pike Place Fish Market does P90X We shared our fitness journey and our amazing experience with Shakeology!

He told us about several of the workers wanting to do the 90-day program, so we thought we would help them out so they could fling fish with speed and accuracy as well as sport 6-pack abs when they wore their waders during the summer! We got a list of the guys who wanted to start P90X. Then we got them set up with their own free Team Beachbody account so they could take advantage of the Online Super Gym and maybe win a daily prize of $1000 just by logging in their workouts! They could also test out many of the other features such as the community message boards, online chats with celebrity trainers and more. We think one of the guys is exploring the amazing meal planner that integrates Shakeology as a part of the Team Beachbody club membership, but don’t quote us on that.

Ryan quickly realized a need to fuel his body right, so he got  Shakeology Home Direct as a part of his eating plan and so far is down 15 pounds as of this writing!

So, who are the Pike Place Fish Guys who are getting into Xcellent and Shaketastic shape? Here are links to their Pike place Profiles
Ryan, Reese, Jake and Erik.

Here was a some feedback from Ryan Y. after his first month:

“…I am excited to switch to phase 2 next week. It will be nice to have a new routine. As far as stats go I have dropped around 15 lbs and almost 2 belt loops. Shakeology is awesome. I haven’t really been to adventurous with it yet. I just mix it with fat free milk and call it good. I was really surprised at how good it tastes.”

We quickly shared the recipes here on so Ryan can give some variety to his blends!

We’re looking forward to hearing from these guys throughout their journey. There is no doubt that these P90Xers and Shakeologist will have the energy and enthusiasm to really bring smiles and joy to the people they meet every single day. Hopefully no fish will be flying through the walls! These entertainers are so much fun to watch. The fish they sell is nothing short of amazing! If you’ve never been there, put it down on your “must do” list. You can also order from them online too and have it shipped overnight and super fresh!

“Bring It and Fling It!”

* If you don’t have Shakeology, you can get it at the link below. Other protein, meal replacement and shake powders may work with the about recipe, but we have found Shakeology to be the healthiest and best hands down.

Yes, I want Shakeology


Don’t look for any Shakeology fish blends any time soon! Bass-O-Matic anyone?

Pike Place Fish Market P90X Month 1

No other shake contains the world’s most powerful superfoods.

Shakeology is an ultra-premium nutritional shake. To create it, Beachbody searched the world for the most potent ingredients your body can easily absorb and utilize. This perfect combination of enzymes, prebiotics, antioxidants, and many rare ingredients—like adaptogens, Camu-Camu, and sacha inchi— give you the essential nutrients you can’t get from an average diet. Even eating the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables every day won’t give you this much nutrition.

No other shake, meal, or vitamin can make a claim this substantial.

Shakeology may help you:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Feel Energized
  3. Improve Digestion and Regularity
  4. Lower Cholesterol (results may vary)

Tastes delicious, too!

How It Works*

This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today’s highly processed foods.

At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.

See this Web Site for More information about the participants and doctors who ran the study.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Coconut Water Health Benefits – Add it to Shakeology

Coconut Water has recently been a discovery for us since we have been doing a workout program called Insanity: The Asylum from Shaun T.

Insanity Asylum’s eating plan has a Shakeology recipe that calls for coconut water. Not knowing anything about coconut water, we picked up some and tried it out with chocolate Shakeology. WOW! Incredible flavor! A burst of sweetness that tasted oh so good. How did we miss out on this wonderful ingredient? What are the benefits of this mystery water?

Well, our curiosity had us searching for some information on coconut water. Here are some facts that we discovered:

  • More electrolytes than sports drinks.
  • More potassium than 2 bananas.
  • No fat, no cholesterol, low in calories.
  • Helps with hydration.

Recipe to try:

Coco-Loco Shakeolgy – From Insanity Asylum

Directions: Mix in blender.

350 calories

Shakeology: It’s an Addiction. Bring on the Superfoods

Shakeology featured in Oprah Magazine

There are times in your life when you become addicted to an amazing recipe, have a favorite food, or anything chocolate.   Yes… chocolate!  I have always been a chocolate lover and have tried to reduce the amount of sugar I splurge on daily.

Two years ago, our company rolled out a new product called Shakeology.  That is when our addiction really began!

The best thing about it… is the texture, the taste, and the amazing varieties we can mix up and absolutely fill up on!  Yes, we fill up on a meal replacement and actually indulge in the splendid flavor!

As a Shakeologist, (name given to perfecting a Shakeology shake and mixing it with other flavors!) we have become fixated with it as a daily delight!  We literally start our day with dessert first! It is exciting to experiment and try new recipes!

When our CEO, Carl Daikeler, rolled out Shakeology, it was tagged as “The Healthiest Meal of the Day!”   No other shake contains the world’s most powerful superfoods!

As evidence …  the recent article in the May 2011 Oprah Magazine about Superfoods!
We knew Shakeology was special!  We knew the story behind how it was formulated!  But reading this article about Darin Olien’s search for the world’s most potent ingredients was mind blowing.   If you haven’t read it, then make sure you pick up a copy at the store this month!   The article takes up 14 pages in Oprah’s O Magazine.  Unbelievable!

What are you waiting for?   Transform your health in 30 days, or you don’t pay!  We offer a 30-day, bottom of the bag guarantee!   Try something your body will crave and thank you for!   Shakeology is not only an addiction for our taste buds, it’s an addiction for our bodies. We enjoy the fuel it gives us every day!

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Shakeology superfoods featured on – Many health benefits!

Darin Olien - Cocreator of Shakeology

Shakeology’s superfoods were recently featured on in an indepth article titled, “The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live.” In this article,’s editor in chief travels to Peru to “experience a trove of life-giving superfoods that just might revolutionize your view of nutrition.” Darin Olien takes Susan through Peru and the superfoods located in that part of the world. Just a few of the amazing ingredients that go into Shakeology.

I have been benefiting from Shakeology since it was released in 2009. I have never looked back. It’s my go to breakfast and occasionally a snack! I love it! I’ve been so passionate about this product because I just feel amazing! I have also witnessed many others benefiting from weight loss, energy better digestion and more! Still, I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with all of it’s natural ingredients and the benefits of all of the superfoods it possesses. I mean, I know there are superfood supplements out there, but nothing like this. And nothing out there had such backing to scour the earth for the the most nutrient dense plants. The fact that this product tastes amazing is impressive too. I tell people, “I have dessert first!”

Over the years my wife and I have noticed weight loss (especially when I do a 3 day-cleanse) and more energy. My father has lost weight and his diabetes doctor (an endocrinologist) gave Shakeology a thumbs up. The doc was very impressed at how Dad has his blood sugars under control! My mom’s breast cancer doctor (oncologist) also gave her the green light on Shakeology and actually took her off of 4 of her supplements because the ingredients were in her morning shake! I love how this product is helping out family!

Usually, I point people to to learn about Shakeology. I also send them to for recipes. That being said, here’s another great way to learn.

Below is a video clip showing more parts of the world.

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