Coconut Water Health Benefits – Add it to Shakeology

Coconut Water has recently been a discovery for us since we have been doing a workout program called Insanity: The Asylum from Shaun T.

Insanity Asylum’s eating plan has a Shakeology recipe that calls for coconut water. Not knowing anything about coconut water, we picked up some and tried it out with chocolate Shakeology. WOW! Incredible flavor! A burst of sweetness that tasted oh so good. How did we miss out on this wonderful ingredient? What are the benefits of this mystery water?

Well, our curiosity had us searching for some information on coconut water. Here are some facts that we discovered:

  • More electrolytes than sports drinks.
  • More potassium than 2 bananas.
  • No fat, no cholesterol, low in calories.
  • Helps with hydration.

Recipe to try:

Coco-Loco Shakeolgy – From Insanity Asylum

Directions: Mix in blender.

350 calories