Is Shakeology sold in stores?
Shakeology is sold exclusively through the Beachbody Coach Network, so you can’t buy it in stores, but you can purchase it here.

Why does the Chocolate flavor have more protein?
The serving size for Chocolate is 8 grams higher than for Greenberry. The extra ingredients added for the Chocolate blend (mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder) add an additional 2 grams of protein for the serving size.

Can someone with lactose intolerance drink Shakeology even though it has 15 grams of whey protein (which is derived from milk)?
Because needs vary for each person with lactose intolerance, it’s recommended that you check with your doctor first. However, the whey protein in Shakeology is whey protein isolate, which is more than 90 percent pure protein, leaving less than 10 percent of the ingredient, or 1.5 grams, where some lactose can be found. In addition, Shakeology is loaded with digestive enzymes-and lactase is one of them. Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose and is found in over-the-counter products like Lactaid®. So because Shakeology is made with whey protein isolate and contains lactase, it may have a higher likelihood of being acceptable for most people with lactose intolerance. It’s recommended that someone with lactose intolerance start with a small amount of Shakeology, monitor their body’s reaction, and, if tolerant, slowly build up to a full serving or take a half-serving at two separate times during the day.

Is it OK to drink more than one shake per day? Or to replace more than one meal per day?
Yes, but it’s not recommended to replace more than two meals per day for an extended period of time.

Is it OK to drink more than one shake per day? Or to replace more than one meal per day?
Yes, but it’s not recommended to replace more than two meals per day for an extended period of time.

I already have some Meal Replacement Shake. Should I throw it out and switch to Shakeology?
You don’t have to throw it out. Meal Replacement Shake is a high-quality protein shake. Shakeology offers a wide array of nutrients in addition to protein. Because Meal Replacement has higher sugar content and less fiber, a good time to use it is around the time you’re exercising (Results and Recovery Formula is also good for this purpose). Shakeology is a better option for a meal that’s at least 2 hours before a workout or 1 hour afterwards.

I’ve tried Shakeology and seem to be experiencing digestive discomfort. Does this mean Shakeology doesn’t work for me?
Not at all! For some people, experiencing digestive sensitivities is a normal part of the cleansing process. This just means your body’s working hard to eliminate the toxins built up in your system over several years. These won’t get flushed out in 1 day. Help your body to clean itself out more gently by reducing the amount you consume to a half-scoop once a day. Slowly build up to a half-scoop twice per day as your tolerance increases. You can then work up to one full scoop per day. (Although it’s perfectly fine to continue to use Shakeology as 2 small snacks (a half-scoop each) throughout your day.) For some people, this process could take as long as 3 months.
Since everyone’s body reacts differently, if you continue to experience digestive problems when you consume smaller amounts, please consult your doctor.

Should I continue to take ActiVit® or other multivitamins along with Shakeology?
Because of the way Shakeology is formulated, one shake pretty much covers your body’s normal daily requirement for vitamins and minerals. However, if you’re following a recommended exercise routine, your body is likely to be using up those nutrients at a faster rate. For example, if you’re doing P90X® or INSANITY®-hard-charging routines that burn more calories, along with vitamins and minerals-you may need some additional supplementation, like ActiVit. Due to the digestive enzymes in Shakeology, taking ActiVit at the same time you drink Shakeology will help your body to better absorb all the nutrients.

If there’s no food coloring, why is one flavor green and the other brown?
The ingredients (herbal powders, grass powders, vegetable powders, spirulina, and chlorella, plus some of the fruit and berry powders) make the Greenberry flavor green in color. The base of Chocolate flavor is also green, but the chocolate and cocoa powders turn its color brown.

Is the whey protein antibiotic free?
Yes, the whey protein in Shakeology has been certified free of antibiotics

Can I mix this in with food I’m cooking/baking?
Cooking or heating Shakeology would destroy many of the nutrients in Shakeology and upset the nutrient balance. It’s highly recommended that you drink it at room temperature or cooler.

Can I give Shakeology to my kids?
Since the needs of every child may vary, please check with your pediatrician. However, since Shakeology® is a healthy drink that’s low in sugar and has a wide variety of nutrients, it’s a much healthier option than many other drinks or snacks on the market and should be appropriate for most children over the age of 6. You may want to start out with a smaller serving size until you’re sure of the child’s tolerance. It’s not recommended to give as a meal replacement for children younger than 6 years old without first checking with your pediatrician.

Why is there fructose in Shakeology?
To give Shakeology its great taste and for a balanced, well-rounded macronutrient profile, we’ve used naturally sourced fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruits and some vegetables. The good thing about fructose-as opposed to sucrose (table sugar) or high-fructose corn syrup (chemically altered sugar)-is that it’s very low on the glycemic index (GI). This means that your body sends it directly to your liver for absorption, which minimizes its impact on insulin and blood sugar levels. The fructose in Shakeology is from non-GMO (not genetically modified) sources and is processed cleanly in GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities.

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers drink Shakeology?
Shakeology should only be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers under the direction of their physicians.

Is Shakeology FDA approved?
The FDA does not approve any dietary supplements. However, the FDA does set regulations and guidelines for the manufacturing of supplements, which we follow. Shakeology is manufactured in a facility that is registered with the FDA, adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is GMP-Certified by the NSF (National Science Foundation) and the NPA (Natural Products Association).

Shakeology mentions “whole-food ingredients”-what does this mean? How can this be possible when it’s ground into a powder?
Shakeology uses several whole-food sources of nutrients, rather than using only synthetic extracts or isolates (like some multivitamin pills do). The benefit of whole-food derived ingredients is that the nutrients are preserved as close to their natural state as possible and are therefore delivered to your body in the most holistic way possible. Your body will better absorb and more efficiently use nutrients from whole-food sources. The process of converting a food from its natural state to a powder, if done incorrectly, can destroy the nutrients in that food. With Shakeology, we ensure that the highest levels of nutrients are preserved through strict temperature-controlled drying and processing.

Is Shakeology certified Kosher?
No, Shakeology is not certified Kosher at this time. However, Beachbody is actively evaluating this option.

With what kind of protein is it made?
The primary source is a cold-processed whey protein isolate, which comes from cow’s milk. Whey is one of the most bioavailable protein sources. Translation: it rapidly gets to work on repairing your muscles, and its amino acids are easily absorbed and used by your body.

Does Shakeology have gluten?
The quick answer to this question is no, Shakeology contains no gluten.
Gluten allergens come from the “protein” found in wheat, barley and other grains The protein develops once the grains mature. The wheat grass, kamut grass, barley grass and oat grass used in Shakeology are gathered just as they sprouted, BEFORE the wheat matures. These fresh sprouts are collected PRIOR to the development of any wheat protein (gluten).
It’s true that mature wheat and barley grains contain gluten. However, the freshly sprouted young grasses used in Shakeology are certified gluten free. Shakeology is tested for gluten by an independent lab in order to receive the “Gluten Free” certification.

What is the Beachbody Money-Back Guarantee?
Shakeology is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee period starts on the date of delivery (about 2 weeks after the product was shipped from our warehouse). You may return Shakeology packages that have been opened and used, even if the bag is totally empty.

Does Shakeology interfere with any medication?
While Shakeology has been tested as safe for most people, you should always consult with your physician if you’re on any medication (especially heart medication, since Shakeology contains Vitamin K1) or if you have any other unique health conditions.

Is Shakeology organic?
We’ve put every effort into making sure these ingredients don’t contain pesticides, aren’t destroyed in processing, are produced using the best of fair trade practices, and have many of the benefits of what is considered “organic.” So you might ask, “Why isn’t Shakeology ‘certified organic’?” The experience of our development team has shown that sometimes certified organic doesn’t necessarily translate to higher quality. Certifying something can simply jack up the price, especially with ingredients of this quality and quantity. So we decided to focus on making sure the quality and integrity of the product lives up to the promise, without asking you to pay the premium it would cost for us to say it with a stamp of approval from a certification lab.

Should I still take Core Cal-Mag™ with Shakeology?
The recommended daily allowance of calcium is 1,200 mg per day for women and 1,500 mg per day for post-menopausal women. Shakeology provides 500 mg of calcium, so it’s recommended that you supplement that with Core Cal-Mag to meet the daily recommended allowance. Due to the digestive enzymes in Shakeology, taking Core Cal-Mag at the same time you drink Shakeology will help your body better absorb the nutrients.

Should I still take an omega-3 supplement?
While the flaxseed, chia seeds, and sacha inchi in Shakeology provide some omega-3 fatty acids, it’s still recommended that you take the Beachbody Core Omega-3™ supplement to meet your daily requirement.